Today I tried out a tilemap level editor. I tried taking one of the isometric Blender renders and turning it into pixel tiles. Then I made a few variations on the same building after cleaning up the parts that turned out too detailed for 32 by 32 pixel sprites. The Tiled editor is available here.

Tuscan Black

Another font of mine is up on DaFont and CreativeFabrica. Tuscan Black is a heavy American style font with bifurcated serifs and spikes in the middle.This font started off as a geometrically constructed font with strict proportions until the design process took on a life of its own. The result is an experimental almost modular Read More …

Konica Autoreflex T

Last weekend was spent taking photos of some old analog photo equipment I plan on selling on tradera.I thought that if I’m getting rid of it, the last thing I could do was to get some good product pictures. The auction for the camera is available here.

16 Segment Display

A new font I made is up on DaFont and Creative Fabrica. 16 Segment Display is a a color font emulating a segment display such as those used in old VCRs, CD players and clock radios. For personal use you can download the font here. For commercial use, a license can be purchased here.

Buckley Junior

A new font I made is up on DaFont and Creative Fabrica. Buckley Junior is a cool and distinct display font. This font is neatly crafted and highly detailed. Whatever the topic, this font will be a wonderful asset to your font library, as it has the potential to enhance any creation. For personal use, Read More …

Sunday Ambience part 2

Today I spent some time learning how to program pads in Absynth and Sylenth1. After a few attempts I managed to put together something usable. Earlier this week I’ve also experimented with creating more atonal soundscapes and foley by resampling some of the more failed patches. Since my CMS didn’t allow .zip or any of Read More …


A new font I made is up on Creative Fabrica and DaFont. Orthographix is a bold, cool and unique display font. It will look stunning on any poster flyer or print. Use this font for your designs and explore its endless possibilities. For personal use, you can download the font here. For commercial use, please Read More …