Isometry in Blender

Today I found out how to render an Isometric scene in blender.

Still working on the basics of 3D-modelling.

E to extrude, S to scale and all that.

After I had a model I could work with, I selected the camera and in “Object Data Properties” I changed the “Lens” type to Orthographic. Then I changed the scale and had to set some settings in the “Transform” dialog (hotkey: N). For standard Isometric the X rotation should be 60° while the Z-axis should be 45°.

Since the Isogame-engine uses a simpler algorithm and isn’t strictly Isometric (I use the 2:1 Triangular grid to in Affinity Designer to get the correct proportions) I should use the angles in the 2:1 Triangular preset (27° and 153°) to set up the Orthographic camera in Blender,

I also set up a git repository for storing game assets so I have a place to put my .blend files here.