Montebello (WIP)

Another font I’ve been working on lately is the first font I designed.

It was a simple single stroke design that I had a bit of trouble turning into anything interesting when all I had was FontForge or Glyphs Mini.

To make such a simple design a little more interesting I started working using multiple masters in Glyphs 3 and made it a variable font, but something about the design causes the optical metrics and autokerning in to really miss the mark, so I’ll have to spend a lot of time with manual spacing and kerning.

I found a few really useful plugins by Mark Frömberg. His “Variable Font Preview” was invaluable for testing, while “Presenter Pro” was fun to play with.

Hopefully I’ll be able to finally finish one of my works in progress, this would be especially nice since the other projects are as detailed as they are and have a long way to go.