Yesterday I set up tclang, a separate repository for handling Internationalisation for other projects.

I’ve come across more standardised i18n-tools, but for this I’d rather just use a translation service API and then use that to print localisation files in different formats.

To translate I came across LibreTranslate, which runs as a Docker container. I might have to set up a Docker-compose if I want to make this tool more self contained. This is a big plus for the LibreTranslate-tool, since it allows for self-hosting instead of relying on an external API.

To store the “master” document I picked Yaml, since it’s fairly easy to just marshall and unmarshall it with the Jackson libraries.

I picked this route because Java is just simple for me to write in.

The next step is to set up a Unirest (a useful Java http client) request toward the Translation API and then programatically create directories and files used by the Glyphs plugin.