Pull Request

Today I set up my first pull-request for a personal project to be added to the Glyphs Packages repo.

Immediately the people over at the Glyphs team discovered a few bugs and localisation problems.

I didn’t even notice that I wrote some locale-dependent code by getting the descender and ascender-metrics using the title-field.

The initial fix was to use the GSMetrics and GSMetricValue-objects to find the enum ordinal value for the ascender and descender and match against that, only to hear that the ascender and descender value is stored in the GSLayer-object all along.

I’m glad I didn’t drag my feet any more at trying to get this released as the feedback from the PR helped me solve a lot of problems a lot quicker with just a bit of feedback from the guys over at Glyphs.

I even managed to close as many as 11 issues today, so that’s a plus.