Now that I’ve managed to release a plugin for Glyphs 3, my next goal was to look into Kubernetes.

I don’t have much of an idea for a usable application, so I guess I’ll just make something useless instead.

To do this I’ll set up an application consisting of at least three parts that should run as separate Docker containers so I have something to connect to each other using Kubernetes.

The three first things I could come up with were.

  • A Frontend
  • MongoDB for persistence

I might also want to collect metrics using Prometheus and show it in another container using Grafana or similar.

To set up the API i just used the Spring Initializr and followed a few tutorials on Baeldung while cross referencing them with a few other tutorials and questions on Stack Overflow when things didn’t go exactly like I wanted. With that I managed to set up an API with Basic Authentication enabled.

I should probably add Swagger and/or OpenAPI to it to make it easier to use. Not knowing exactly what the application should do I initially just went for barcode generation since that’s something I’ve played around with earlier. All though I need something I’d want to store in the database for it to make sense.

It’s starting to feel a bit cargo-cult-like not knowing what the application should do, but the whole point is really just to get down to Dockerising and setting things up with Kubernetes to brush up on the skills I’ve learned over the years and become confident enough as a software developer to handle these bigger projects on my own.