WordPress Development tools

About a year ago, I was applying for a job as a WordPress-developer, and I was given a coding test to develop a plugin.

Thankfully, I didn’t go through with it, and I’m still working in Java development and not PHP, and even though I enjoy programming in both languages, Java is still a lot more lucrative than PHP at the moment, so not going through with it all happened to be a blessing in disguise.

While I’ve made both plugins and themes multiple times before for my own use, this assignment helped me look into how “proper” WordPress development is made.

The two tools I learned about were:

The wp-cli (available through homebrew) offers a great scaffolding-method to setting up a plugin, while wp-env turned out to be a great tool for running a local WordPress instance using Docker and npm.

Just thought I’d write down a little note to self because I forgot about them and they weren’t that easy to look up even though the docs are already there (there are lots of docs already, so it’s sometimes a little annoying to read through the noise).