A few years ago I bought an old iMac from 2011.

From experience I’ve found that these machines are very practical as secondary computers as they’re fast enough for most computer applications today.

The only downside being that the mechanical hard drive usually fails after around five to eight years in and it was already pretty slow when I bought it.

I’ve fixed MacBook Pros from 2012 by replacing the HDD with an SSD, so today I thought I’d do the same.

The only issue being that the stationary macs use 3.5 inch HDDs and require an adapter.

That’s where having a 3D printer came in handy and I tried a design and altered it after I found it was a little short.

I’m also looking into a method where instead of installing OS X, I’ll just clone the old drive using a cloning bay I bought around a year ago.

After testing the cloning function it seemed to work just fine, but the issue was that while the original HDD had a 500GB capacity and the SSD had 1TB, I couldn’t find a way to dynamically repartition the SSD after cloning using the Disk Utility, meaning that I should try manually formatting the SSD and then load the HDD as a disk image instead.

A little note to self, my iPhone captures images in the annoying HEIC-format. Luckily OS X offers a cli-application called SIPS, and to change all HEIC-images to jpg using the terminal I can use this command to do it all automagically:

for i in *.HEIC; do sips -s format jpeg -s formatOptions 70 "${i}" --out "${i%HEIC}jpg"; done