Character Table works

Today I put some finishing touches on the character table on ThorType.

The menu needs improving, I should move it to the bottom of the screen or somewhere I can set up a second hamburger-menu.

I also might want to pre-render images and add pagination to make these pages smaller, improve loading times and make sure that I don’t rely on the browser to render the font correctly.

When I added numbering to the character list I found out that the available characters I extracted using FontBox were far less than the available glyphs for the respective font on DaFont. So it’s obviously not getting all the information.

I’ve considered looking into the Python FontTools library instead, all though I think I still have to look into either ImageMagick or Selenium to create snapshots of the characters.

I might be able to avoid all the back and forth of using different libraries and third-party applications by just studying the OpenType definitions and docs.