ThorType in Figma

Today I’ve been working on improving the ThorType website and hopefully adding a menu at the bottom instead of the haphazardly placed icons for testing the font and viewing the list of available characters.

To do this the proper way, I started working in Figma, setting up the design I already had, replaced the four columns with three and three rows because I want to replace the full list with a paginated list of nine fonts per page.

Lastly I thought I’d try some colour palette suggestions from coolors, which I imported into Figma.

I realise now that it’ll be a few days off before I can move the menu to the bottom of the page.

In addition to this I should also replace the manually set colour palette with variables so that I can try out different colour palettes in Figma.

At least I have a nice mockup with a laptop set up to share.