Sewer Tilemap

Today I wanted to make an indoor tilemap, either a dungeon, sewer level or just a nice house interior. It ended up becoming a sewer level where I started off by putting together a somewhat coherent color palette. It’s still somewhat challenging to get the contrast under control.

Platformer Tileset

Today I went through another chapter where we made a tileset with a cohesive color palette. Like with 3D modelling, I’m still a bit stuck on the animation part, so I’m considering working with Krita and my drawing tablet to get the walk cycles to work.


The past few days I’ve been following this Pixelart course on Udemy. I’ve now considered making a pixelart style colorfont based on the things I might learn in this course. At least hopefully I’ll be able to make some tilemaps I can combine with some React (JS) programming projects.

500 000 Downloads!

I finally managed to reach half a million downloads yesterday. Hopefully I’ll be able to reach one million when I’ve managed to produce around 50 fonts. Currently there are 27 fonts on my DaFont profile with eight fonts in review. With the new fonts online I’ve also managed to reach the daily top 100 several Read More …

Taylor Gothic

A new font is available on DaFont and Creative Fabrica. Taylor Gothic is a bold and authentic blackletter font. Add it confidently to your projects, and you won’t be disappointed by the results. For personal use you can download the font on DaFont here. For commercial use the font is available on Creative Fabrica here.


A new font of mine is up on DaFont and Creative Fabrica. Ragtime is a bold and dramatic display font. It has vintage and western influences and it is the ideal font for making your designs stand out. Add it confidently to your projects, and you won’t be disappointed. For personal use, you can download Read More …