Font Statistics

I finally got around to reimplementing the Font Statistics plugin I had running on my previous site to show daily download statistics for Scandinavian designers on DaFont. The page is available here.

Taylor Serif

Another font is up on DaFont and Creative Fabrica. Taylor Serif is a bold and strong lettered serif font. This font reads as confident, and dynamic and can add tons of nostalgic

Cardboard Cutout

Just recently I created my first COLR/CPAL color font by colorizing the Cardboard Cutout font. Cardboard Cutout is a cartoonish geometric font with straight lines and a rough look. For personal use,


Another font of mine is up on DaFont, FontBundles and Creative Fabrica. DM-80 is a monospaced font that emulates a 9-pin dot matrix printer. It comes in two weights, regular and light