This is where I’ll post information on my fonts.

My Creative Fabrica portfolio is available here.

Daily font statistics for Scandinavian DaFont designers are available here.

  • Demodulator - A new font I made is now available on DaFont and Creative Fabrica. Demodulator is a modular variable font with a futuristic look and feel. It comes in two weights, regular and
  • TegnZ - Here’s a plugin I made for testing fonts online.
  • Tuscan Modular - Another font of mine is up on Creative Fabrica and DaFont. Tuscan Modular is an SVG color font with a golden etched effect. It’s an old west-inspired font, geometrically constructed for a
  • Montebello - Another font of mine is available on DaFont and Creative Fabrica. Montebello is a tall and slim variable font. The regular versions come in two weights, light and bold, while the variable
  • Tuscan Modular Color (WIP) - Last week I found out how to make an SVG Colorfont using Glyphs with gradients. This finally made it possible for me to create the etched effect I’ve been trying to
  • Montebello (WIP) - Another font I’ve been working on lately is the first font I designed. It was a simple single stroke design that I had a bit of trouble turning into anything interesting when
  • Old English (WIP) - The past few days I’ve started work on an Old English style blackletter from some 19th century sources I’ve come across. This one, like the Copperplate font, seems to be very work
  • Tuscan Modular (WIP) - When I start working on typefaces after a hiatus, I usually start off by experimenting with around a dozen ideas before I start the real grunt work of finishing a design. The
  • COLR/CPAL Pipes (WIP) - Just recently I decided to upgrade from Glyphs Mini to Glyphs 3. Today I thought I’d look into how to create a CPAL/COLR font with the new editor. I’ve come up with
  • Copperplate (WIP) - It’s been some time since I’ve last worked on designing typefaces, but finally I’ve gotten around to working with a new font. Currently I’ve managed to draw the minuscules of a font