Platformer Tileset

Today I went through another chapter where we made a tileset with a cohesive color palette. Like with 3D modelling, I’m still a bit stuck on the animation part, so I’m considering working with Krita and my drawing tablet to get the walk cycles to work.


The past few days I’ve been following this Pixelart course on Udemy. I’ve now considered making a pixelart style colorfont based on the things I might learn in this course. At least hopefully I’ll be able to make some tilemaps I can combine with some React (JS) programming projects.

Chapter 2

After I finished watching the Animated Lamp chapter of the first Blender course and found out that the other chapters weren’t updated to 2.8 I thought I’d start on another course while waiting for the others to become available. There was some repetition of the concepts I learned earlier on block modelling, but a lot Read More …

Chess Set

Today I finally managed to get through the “Chess Set” chapter of the Blender 3D modelling course on Udemy. This part started off by working in edit mode, using reference material and modifiers such as the mirror modifier. In the middle of the section we went through the Shading tab and how to use rendering Read More …