Fun with physics

Today I’ve been experimenting some more with the Blender physics engine and ended up creating an exploding box. This was really just a distraction from what I’ve really been working on, which is a model of a car to use in “isometric city” illustrations.

Glass and Metal

Today I learned more about how to create both metal and glass surfaces using Blender. I also found out that I can create a simple magnifying glass by simply creating a sphere, scale it on a single axis and assign a glass texture to it.

Chess Set Project

This is the progress I’ve been making so far on learning 3D modelling, starting to become more and more curious about UV editing and using images as textures. I also found out more about how to create metallic surface using the roughness and the “glossy” material. I might have to go through my photos and Read More …

More textures and renders

Starting to finish the “Bowling ball and pins” section of the Blender 3D modelling course. Looking forward to learning more actual modelling and not just testing out different rendering settings. In the series I also learned about how to use the physics engine in Blender to create simple animations. By setting the ground plane to Read More …

First Isometric model

I finally managed to turn one of my earlier experiments with drawing in isometric perspective using Adobe Illustrator into a proper 3D model, only to render it to an isometric illustration again. I also tried rendering it using a perspective camera with a short focal length.

Extracting Tiles

Today I was looking through OpenGameArt for readymade character sprites to use in the Isogame project and found that the spritesheets were all compilations of multiple sprites instead of discrete files. For a prototype I find that using separate files is easier in the first iteration, but extracting by hand is too tedious so I Read More …