Today I tried out a tilemap level editor. I tried taking one of the isometric Blender renders and turning it into pixel tiles. Then I made a few variations on the same building after cleaning up the parts that turned out too detailed for 32 by 32 pixel sprites. The Tiled editor is available here.

Ship Tilemap

Today I finally got around to finishing the boat tileset I was working on earlier this week. As usual I reused some tiles from an earlier tileset. There are at least two perks to reusing tiles, one is that I’ll get to test the earlier tileset and create a more cohesive world, the other is Read More …

Boat progress

The next tileset turned out to be a bit of a challenge. I thought I’d go for a more nautical theme and create a pixelart boat. What’s left are the sails, the mast and a few more details. Then I’ll have to start working on a harbor to finish it off, hoping that will be Read More …

Sewer Tilemap

Today I wanted to make an indoor tilemap, either a dungeon, sewer level or just a nice house interior. It ended up becoming a sewer level where I started off by putting together a somewhat coherent color palette. It’s still somewhat challenging to get the contrast under control.