100 Favorites!

Today I managed to reach my 100th favourite on Creative Fabrica. I’ve also managed to reach 450 000 downloads on DaFont recently, hoping to reach 500 000 sometime during the next few weeks if more fonts in the pipeline are accepted.

Blender basics

Working on the isogame project I thought I’d finally learn the basics on 3D modelling in Blender, so I started going through this Udemy course. I also found a YouTuber with lots of useful tutorials on Blender as well. Hopefully I’ll be making something a bit more useful in the future.


Today I registered and started using the Trello board service in an attempt to become more organized in my extracurricular activities. One of the first things I made was a board for the isogame-project I’ve been working on. I’ve been learning Node.js, React and Angular to get a better grip on FrontEnd development. The trello Read More …


This is my new website. I stopped subscribing to my previous hosting service and decided that instead of simply cloning the old website, I’ll build this one from the ground up. This website is where I post updates on my personal projects and showcase earlier work.